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Aloo Gobi Matar Pulao is a traditional Indian dish that combines three main ingredients: potatoes (aloo), cauliflower (gobi), and green peas (matar), along with aromatic spices and basmati rice. It is a one-pot meal that is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight dinner. The dish starts by sautéing the potatoes, cauliflower, and peas in oil and spices until tender.

Then, the basmati rice is added and cooked until fluffy and infused with the flavors of the vegetables and spices. Aloo Gobi Matar Pulao is often served with a side of raita, a yogurt-based condiment that helps to cool down the heat of the spices. It is a delicious and satisfying vegetarian dish that is packed with nutrients and flavor.

Aloo Gobi Matar Pulao Ingredients

Masala Base


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