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Tawa Chicken is a popular and flavorful Indian dish cooked on a tawa, which is a flat or griddle-like pan, often similar to a cast-iron skillet. The dish is known for its vibrant blend of spices, tender chicken, and enticing aromas.

To prepare Tawa Chicken, boneless chicken pieces are marinated in a medley of aromatic spices, such as red chili powder, turmeric, garam masala, coriander, cumin, ginger-garlic paste, and sometimes yogurt or lemon juice. The marination process allows the spices to infuse the chicken, imparting layers of robust flavor.

On the hot tawa, a mixture of onions, tomatoes, and green chilies is sautéed to create a flavorful base for the chicken. Once the mixture is caramelized and fragrant, the marinated chicken pieces are added to the pan.

The chicken is cooked over medium heat on the tawa, allowing it to simmer and cook until it’s tender and thoroughly coated with the spices. The unique aspect of this dish is the high-heat cooking on the tawa, which lends a distinct smoky and charred flavor to the chicken.

Once cooked, Tawa Chicken is garnished with fresh cilantro or coriander leaves, enhancing its aroma and providing a burst of freshness. The finished dish boasts a rich aroma and enticing colors, with the chicken pieces coated in a flavorful, spiced gravy.

Tawa Chicken is often served with naan bread, roti, or rice, making it a beloved choice in Indian cuisine. The dish embodies a perfect balance of spices and tender chicken, offering a delicious culinary experience that’s enjoyed for its bold and aromatic flavors.


Special Tawa Masala Ingredients


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