Top 10 Malang Foods You Need To Try At Least Once

Top 10 Malang Foods You Need To Try At Least Once

When you ask Indonesian about Malang food, you will have apples as the answer. Indeed, the apple is related to the iconic ingredient that many people in this East Java town used to make various typical culinary such as apple chips, apple extract, etc.

Let’s put apples aside and focus on the main dishes you can taste while visiting Malang.

Here are the top 10 Malang foods to put on your list:

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1. Bakso Malang

Malang Food

Unlike any other meatball, this Malang food has a mixture of tofu, fried wonton, and no noodles.

In a serving, Bakso Malang is commonly accompanied by sweet soy sauce, sambal, and spring onion for the green.

If you are craving a soupy dish to warm up your body during the visit, Bakso Malang is definitely worth trying.

It’s almost available everywhere in Malang, so you can just try the one that is close to your hotel.

Bakso President, Bakso Damas, and Bakso Prima Cak Bowo are the top 3 recommended restaurants to visit in Malang for this dish.

2. Mendol

Malang Food

Malang food also has Mendol as a savory side dish which is quite iconic in this town.

Due to being made from soybean, Mendol is often mentioned as tempeh Mendol.

However, it has a more flavorful taste based on the seasoning added to the mixture.

The spices contain onions, red chili, orange leaves, salt, and aromatic ginger.

You can imagine how those spices elevate Medol’s taste.

So basically all the ingredients were mashed and formed into ovals then fried.

In a serving, Mendol is a great company of Rawon and Pecel.

3. Bakwan Kawi

Malang Food

Bakwan Kawi is also a well-known Indonesian street food from Malang.

You can pretty much find this dish everywhere around the country.

From sight, Bakwan Kawi looks similar to Bakso Malang.

That’s true, however, Bakwan Kawi has steamed Wonton filled with meat as the star.

Aside from the Wonton, you will also find meatballs and fried crackers here with the hot soup along with spring onion and sambal added as you wish.

What a great choice to warm up your body in a cold night city.

4. Sate Gebug

Malang Food

Another worthy list you should try from Malang food is Sate Gebug.

From the name itself, “Gebug” means smash.

During the cooking process, they smash the meat to create a tender texture in its meat.

This is why Sate Gebug becomes one of the food legends of this city.

With the secret recipe seasoning that has stood for decades along with sambal and bean sprouts as additional condiments, Sate Gebug is definitely worth trying during your Malang visit.

5. Cwie Mie

Malang Food

Cwie Mie is one of Malang’s food that resulted from the Chinese food influence.

As you can see in the pics, this noodle is always accompanied by fried wonton with chicken, meatballs, and mushrooms as the toppings.

They also add greens to balance the flavor and nutrition.

Meanwhile, the soup is always separated from the noodle itself.

If you are wondering how to eat this noodle, basically you can start with the noodle first then slurp the soup right after it.

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6. Nasi Bakmoy

Malang Food

If you are craving rice but still want soup in it, then Nasi Bakmoy would be perfect for your Malang food choice.

Nasi Bakmoy has several condiments like the rice itself, chicken, cucumber, fried tofu, and boiled eggs along with soup that has a complex flavor.

Making it spicy with sambal and adding crackers to add the crispy texture would be recommended.

7. Nasi Jagung

Malang Food

When you always have the common rice, Nasi Jagung (corn rice) might hit differently.

For those who like a bit of rough rice texture, this is a perfect meal.

This Malang food has been known since Dutch colonialism.

At first, the serving only consisted of corn rice and salted fish.

Nowadays, Nasi Jagung contains lots of condiments such as sambal, chicken, cucumber, veggies, stir-fried tempeh, and more.

It’s such a great option for Indonesian breakfast.

8. Sate Kelinci (Rabbit Satay)

Malang Food

If you’ve been wondering what rabbit meat tastes like, it’s the right time for you to try Sate Kelinci (rabbit satay) and put it on your Malang food list.

The rabbit meat itself comes from the young rabbit which makes the texture quite tender and soft.

When it comes to the price, it’s still way affordable compared to goat and cow satay.

It is commonly served with sweet soy sauce seasoning with raw green chili and red onions.

You also have the option to use peanut sauce on your satay.

Give it a try and feel the juicy melting on your palette!

9. Lumpia Malang

Malang Food

The one dish that belongs to Malang food you can literally put as a snack is Lumpia Malang.

Indeed, it looks like a spring roll. It contains carrots, shredded chicken, cabbage, and the special one which is bamboo shooting.

Taste the sensation of crunchiness and soft delicate fillings along with refreshing dipping sauce won’t make you regret spending the holiday in this city.

10. Tahu Campur

Malang Food

Another Malang food with tofu as the main star is Tahu Campur.

On a plate, you will get tofu, noodles, lettuce, bean sprout, shredded meat, crackers, and shrimp paste soup that has the role of seasoning as well.

Tahu Campur is such a great menu for your dinner.

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Those are Malang foods you need to try during your visit to this cold city. It’s always good to hang out in a new place like this and try new culinary at the same time.

Make sure you try them while customizing with the ones that suit you for each meal’s time. Enjoy your Malang trip!

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