7 Best Tuna for Sashimi and Sushi

7 Best Tuna for Sashimi and Sushi

Talk about Japanese food, you must familiar with sashimi. It is made from raw seafood ingredients and freshly served as an appetizer. Sashimi belongs to traditional food introduced in the Edo period of Japan around 1603 and growing the popularity until nowadays. When it comes to the ingredients, Tuna include as the most famous one. Due to the raw servings, it’s better for you to use high-quality ingredients that qualified the safety. Pick the best tuna for sashimi to serve. Here are the recommendations.

1. Pacific Bluefin Tuna (Kuro-Maguro / Hon-Maguro)

Best Tuna for Sashimi
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The pacific bluefin tuna belong the best tuna for sashimi due to its premium quality. The species is widely spread around the Pacific Ocean. To turn a sashimi dish, it has a juicy flavor and marbelizes into your mouth. Guaranteed you would ask for more after a bite.  It contains the highest fat, protein, and omega 3 which help to maintain your heart condition. This is the kind of tuna you can consume 2-3 times a week. However, the pacific bluefin is quite pricey in the market due to overfishing.

2. Southern Bluefin Tuna (Minami-Maguro)

Best Tuna for Sashimi
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If you are looking for the best sashimi that melted well in your mouth, Southern Bluefin Tuna is the best choice. The unique side about the Southern Bluefin is that even if you freeze it, the taste is not changing at all. The fish still taste the same as the fresh one. It’s kinda phenomenal to taste in raw servings. No doubt, it become one of the best tuna for sashimi and sushi. The tuna belly has the highest contains fat, therefore it’s also great to serve with less heat. Pan seared the tuna with the veggies that improve its flavors such as eggplant and capsicum. What a delicate dish for dinner.

3. Yellowfin Tuna (Kihada-Maguro)

Best Tuna for Sashimi
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Yellowfin include the best tuna you can select for sashimi. From the appearance, this kind of tuna has pink pale flesh and consists of firm meat. Talking about the nutrition facts, Yellowfin tuna involves the type of fish that is rich in protein content and vitamins. The lean meat contains vitamin B complex of B6 and B12. These contents allow you to maintain a healthy brain and red blood cell production. However, Yellowfin tuna is also inappropriate for eating regularly due to its mercury content.

4. Big-Eye Tuna (Mebachi-Maguro)

Best Tuna for Sashimi
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As the name, the iconic character of Big-eye tuna is having larger eyes while also in a bigger head. This tuna has red to pink flesh from its plum body. The Big-eye tuna consists of large flakes with a meaty and firm texture and rich flavor which is perfect to serve as sashimi. Aside from the texture and taste, the Big-eye tuna also become an excellent source of healthy nutrition. It consists of healthy fat along with rich protein content and the highest niacin. It also includes some vitamins which help you to maintain a healthy condition. That’s why Big-eye tuna include in the best tuna for sashimi.

5. Albacore Tuna (Binnaga-Maguro)

Best Tuna for Sashimi
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If you are seeking sashimi ingredients that has a milder flavor, the Albacore tuna is the greatest pick. It is often labeled as white tuna due to the color of the flesh preferably pale pink. The texture is firm yet still tender and easy to chew. Instead in Japan, Albacore is more popular in the US served as canned and smoked tuna. As the sushi and sashimi ingredients, this kind of tuna become the affordable one. If you are on a carbs diet, the Albacore tuna could be considered to consume. The affordable and mildest taste makes this fish belongs to the best tuna for sashimi.

6. Longtail Tuna (Koshinaga-Maguro)

Best Tuna for Sashimi
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Longtail tuna become one of the best tuna for sashimi due to the delicate and refreshing taste in raw servings. Besides the sashimi ingredients, this kind of tuna is also great to serve as steak and fried. From the looks, the Longtail has the smallest body compared to any other species of tuna. However, the nutrients are not as complex as the Yellowfin. It has lower fat and protein contents.

7. Skipjack Tuna (Katsuo-Maguro)

Best Tuna for Sashimi
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Japanese food lovers must be familiar with bonito flakes or even called katsuobushi in Japanese. The main ingredient for bonito flakes is Skip Jack tuna. Besides the katsuobushi ingredients, the Skip Jack tuna is also commonly used for sashimi ingredients. Skip Jack raw serve would be great to accompany with ginger. The milder taste and the tenderness suit well to serve as sashimi and sushi.

As a result, sashimi must consist of raw ingredients which can contain parasites. Therefore, you need to choose the best ingredients to serve. Choose one of these tuna and make sure you handle it properly.

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