Top 15 Must-try Bandung Food During Travel To Indonesia

Top 15 Must-try Bandung Food During Travel To Indonesia

When you mentioned Bandung food, everyone thinks about the spicy and savory combinations.

Aside from Paris van Java due to its culture and fashion, Bandung is well-known for culinary. From spicy to sweet ones, you can taste lots of flavors while visiting this iconic town in West Java, Indonesia.

Save this list while booking a visit and make sure you have one!

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1. Seblak

Bandung Food

If you are looking for food to warm up your body over the coldness of Bandung City, Seblak would be a nice pick.

It contains soup with pungent aromatic ginger, chili, and other aromatics to create a flavorful combination.

Seblak also has toppings you can pick by yourself. Common combinations would be eggs, veggies, chips, chicken, and more. Seblak would be the number one Bandung food you should try!

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2. Batagor

Bandung Food

Aside from Bandung food, Batagor is actually a common Indonesian street food that you can find out everywhere in this country.

The mixture of fish and starch flour with watery peanut sauce brings perfect flavor right through your palette. Even though it’s everywhere, there’s something special about Batagor in Bandung.

The flavor tends to be strong and has its uniqueness that differs from Batagor in other places.

3. Mie Kocok Bandung

Bandung Food

Noodles are part of the culinary star in Bandung food, especially this Mie Kocok.

If we translate it into English, Mie Kocok means “Shake Noodles”. It’s due to the cooking process that “shakes” the skimmer.

What is so special about this noodle is using beef knuckles from cow legs that have a chewy texture.

Other additional would be the noodle itself, veggies, and clear soup. The hits of beef knuckles bring another level of umami taste to this food.

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4. Cuanki

Bandung Food

Cuanki is a part of the most-wanted Bandung food. If you are already familiar with Bakso, Cuanki is the same. However, it has no noodles or veggies involved.

As Bakso, Cuanki used to serve in a bowl with hot soup and a bunch of sauces to add as you like.

You can add toppings such as tofu and chips to add more flavor and texture. This can be another option to warm your body up aside from Seblak.

5. Cilok

Bandung Food

This Indonesian famous street food is a part of Bandung food. The name of Cilok is actually an abbreviation for tapioca flour placed into bamboo skewers.

Nowadays, it’s kinda rare to find Cilok served on a bamboo skewer instead of transparent plastic. It makes sense because the sellers want to keep the Cilok more hygienic.

This Bandung food is based on tapioca flour shaped into ball looks with spices to enhance the flavor and steamed.

The sauces served with Cilok commonly depends on how you wanna taste it. It can be with peanut sauce or even just sweet soy sauce and chili sauce, all taste good.

6. Cimol

Bandung Food

When it comes to the shape, this Bandung food looks exactly like Cilok. However, Cimol would actually surprise you once you taste it.

Those are all based on the same ingredients such as tapioca flavor and spices, but different in the way of cooking. Cimol through the deep fried process so the texture tends to light.

Cimol is commonly served with chili and salt powder. Next time you try it, make sure to be careful cause you might cough and sneeze right away.

7. Nasi Timbel

Bandung Food

Nasi Timbel is another must-try dish when you travel to Bandung. As seen from the picture, Nasi Timbel is basically rice wrapped in banana leaves and served with lots of condiments.

In restaurants, you can find Nasi Timbel with fried fish, chicken, tempeh, tofu, veggies, and sambal. It’s definitely a perfect Bandung food for your lunch after strolling around the city.

8. Nasi Tutug Oncom

Bandung Food

Another typical Bandung food you can find in this city is Nasi Tutug Oncom. It’s an original dish from Sundanese cuisine.

The special one here is that the rice uses mashed “Oncom” which is fermented soybean (similar to tempeh) as the mixture.

Nasi Tutug Oncom is commonly served with typical Sundanese compliments such as Sambal, fresh veggies, chicken, fish, and more.

9. Surabi

Bandung Food

From its look, you can say that Surabi is kinda similar to mini pancakes. What makes this Bandung food different is the cooking process which uses the traditional stove.

It adds a smoky taste to the dish and enhances the flavor. Surabi allows you to come up with sweet and savory palettes. For sweets, you can go with milk and cheese, chocolate, pandan leaves, and more.

Meanwhile, for the savory, you can literally add your smoke beef here. Eggs and shredded chicken would be nice toppings as well. No wonder, no one hates Surabi.

10. Bandros

Bandung Food

Another Bandung food in the sweet area, Bandros is also a part of Indonesian street food diversity.

The combination of rice flour with coconut milk and roasted on the typical mold make this cuisine special.

It is served with shredded coconuts and placed in banana leaves to enhance Bandros’ taste.

11. Peuyeum

Bandung Food

When locals go to Bandung for a trip, Peuyeum is definitely the one Bandung food they would pick and bring it home.

As you can see, Peuyeum is made from fermented cassava and packed with leaves to keep the natural taste.

Due to the fermented process, this dish has a sour and sweet flavor combination.

Even though it can be eaten right away, Indonesian tends to mix Peuyeum with ice fruit for a beverage or even fried with flour as a dessert after meals.

12. Tahu Susu Lembang

Bandung Food

Tahu is basically tofu. During your visit to Bandung, make sure to stop for a while and try Tahu Susu Lembang.

If translated to English, Tahu Susu Lembang means tofu which is made from milk and comes from a region named Lembang. However, in reality, this tofu is made from soybean.

What makes it different is the addition of butter which resulted in the softest texture on the tofu. This tofu is commonly served fried and has dipping sauces on the side.

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13. Misro

Bandung Food

Misro is cassava-based Bandung food you cannot let go from your list. The name itself comes from Sundanese which means something sweet inside.

Misro is basically made from mashed cassava with palm sugar filling and served fried.

14. Colenak

Bandung Food

Colenak slightly looks like cake in the picture. However, it is actually made from Peuyeum through a roasting process.

This unique yet tasteful Bandung food is quite popular as a dessert in Bandung. It would serve with coconut shredded mixed palm sugar sauce that balances the smoky taste of the roasted Peuyeum.

15. Cilung

Bandung Food

Another Bandung street food you must try is Cilung. The name came from an abbreviation of “aci digulung” which means rolled tapioca flour.

Inside Cilung commonly contains various types of topping such as eggs, sausage, beef, and much more. The flavor also comes from powder seasoning that adds during the fried process.

Bamboo skewers play a part in rolling the dough, so the fillings would stay still.

If you wanna have a snack in the daylight while having a sight surrounding the city, Cilung would be a great choice.


Those are the 15 Bandung food you have to try during a vacation to this city. Starts with street foods, the main menu, and desserts, all you need to do is pick one of them that has your attention. Make sure you try at least once!

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