9 Indonesian Tofu Dishes from Snacks to Main Course

9 Indonesian Tofu Dishes from Snacks to Main Course Image source: https://id.pinterest.com/

Indonesian tofu dishes mostly serve as an appetizer because of the light texture and flavor of tofu. Tofu is made from soybean that is fermented and processed. Just like Tempe, tofu is one of the protein sources from vegetables. There’s no clear source saying when tofu was discovered for the first time. Cited from Fimela, tofu was created in 164 BC in North China during the Han dynasty, by a prince from Huanian named Liu An. Huanian was famous for its soybean productivity.

In Indonesia, tofu was presented by Chinese immigrants. Kediri claims as the first city in Indonesia that discovering tofu for the first time when it’s been brought by Kubilai Khan Soldier. Another source said that in 1900 when the Chinese did a migration to Indonesia, most of them choose Kediri as a place to stay and they start to make a tofu factory. Nowadays, tofu becomes a favorite appetizer, snack or even main course in Indonesia. Tofu is usually served fried, steam,ed or even mixed with coconut milk and of course sambal.

Here 10 Indonesia tofu dishes that you wont miss

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1. Tahu Sumedang

Image source: https://id.pinterest.com/pin/182958803596369920/

According to Detik.com, tahu sumedang was a love language from a Chinese husband named to his wife who missed her hometown.

But now, you can easily find tahu Sumedang even you’re not in Sumedang. What makes this Indonesian tofu dish special is the crispy on the outside while soft on the inside. Tahu sumedang often sold in tiny pieces, and you can enjoy with rawit (Chili)

2.Tahu Kediri

Indonesian tofu dishes - Tahu kuning
Image source : https://id.pinterest.com/pin/953496552336423132/


What makes tahu kediri is different with another tofu in the world because it colored yellow. Cited from GNFI, Chu Ku Fei from China noted that on 1900 when china migration era to Indonesia, Kediri was dominated with yellow color. And Yellow became a color that represented Indonesia and Kediri relationship. Usually, Tahu kediri is sold inside besek or bamboo box and people bring tahu kediri as a gift. You can enjoy Tahu Kediri as a snack with a soy sauce or chili.

3.Tahu gejrot

Indonesian tofu dishes - tahu gejrot
Image source : https://id.pinterest.com/pin/1064890274368491400/

This Indonesian tofu dish is easily find in food stall. Tahu gejrot is made from tahu that sliced and mixed with palm sugar syrup and chilis. The palm syrup keep inside the glass bottle called gendul. Gejrot terms is from sound “jrot, jrot” that made from a palm syrup that came out from the bottle. The combination between palm sugar syrup meets chili and tofu make this dish’s taste so unique. You can request how many chilis you want on it. 10,20 or even 100

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4.Tahu walik

Indonesian tofu dishes - Tahu walik
image source: https://id.pinterest.com/pin/522206519305072309/

Walik means turning upside down. This Indonesian tofu dish origin is Banyuwangi. Just like the name, tofu is sliced and the inside part turn outside and the inside is filled with meatball and extra chilis.

5.Tahu Bakso

Indonesian tofu dishes - Tahu bakso
Image source : https://id.pinterest.com/pin/673569688005303054/

You can enjoy this Indonesian tofu dishes as a snack or main course . Just like the name, this tofu is served with meatball inside. As a snack you can enjoy it alone or as a main course you can mix tahu bakso with stir fry vegetable.

6. Tahu campur

Indonesian tofu dishes - tahu campur
Image source : https://id.pinterest.com/pin/682576887271578267/

This Indonesian tofu dish comes from East Java. Campur means mixed. In this dishes, tofu is mixed with bone broth, petis, cow lame, noodle, potatoes and veggies and serve. This dish is one of the must-try tofu dish when you are in east java.

7. Tahu tek

Indonesian tofu dishes - tahu tek
Image source : https://id.pinterest.com/pin/589338301256961091/

Just like tahu tek, tahu tek it’s also East Java signature dish. Petis is one the most important ingredient in Tahu tek. But before that, have you wonder where “tek” term is come from? Tek is the sound of slicing tofu with scissors. Yes, after tofu is fried, it will be cut into sliced and mixed with lontong, bean sprout and omelete.

8. Tepo tahu

image source : https://id.pinterest.com/pin/504543964491937067/

Just like tahu tek, tepo tahu is Indonesian tofu dishes that using lontong (tepo), omelete and vegetables. The different is, tahu tek using petis while tepo tahu use palm sugar water and peanut.

9.Tahu isi

Indonesian Tofu Dishes - tahu isi
Image source: https://id.pinterest.com


Is Indonesian tofu dishes that become a company not only during ramadan month but also when you want to have a “heavy”snack. Isi means filled, so this dish comes not only the tofu it self but also with vegetable (sometime meat) and chilis. The tofu is xovered with wet flour before fried. So, it has a crispy texture outside.


Tofu is translated into so many Indonesian dishes is proof that culinary is a cultural process that can be blended beautifully.

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