7 Best Instant Noodles In Australia

7 Best Instant Noodles In Australia

Instant noodles are almost impossible to remove from everyone’s food list. It is such a life safer once you craving for food in a short time. Therefore, many people love instant noodles due to the simple, affordable, and quickest cooking process yet still delicate to consume. In Australia, instant noodles also become a favorite dish to consume. If you are seeking the best instant noodles in Australia, here are some recommendations.

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1. Indomie (Mi Goreng)

Instant Noodles In Australia
Source: Produkindo.com

Indomie become the most popular instant noodle which Australians love to have. This instant noodle is a famous product from Indonesia. Aside from that, Indomie is also popular almost in the entire world. Indomie has two kinds of serving styles, whether you can include soup or just dried. It also contains various types of flavor. The popular ones are Mie Goreng Fried, chicken curry flavor, chicken soup, Mie Goreng Satay, and many more. In servings, you can add some additional ingredients to make it more delicate. Including the veggies and egg in Indomie would make it a nice combo.

2. Maggi

Instant Noodles In Australia
Source: Etsy.com

Maggi is a famous instant noodle in Australia. Maggi originated in Switzerland which is also well-known in some countries such as India, Bangladesh, South Africa, and so on. Try this noodle by picking one of the best variants such as Maggi Masala Noodles, Maggi Masala Oats Noodles, Maggi Chicken Noodles, and more. As you can see, the flavor tends to be Indian flavor which Australians love to consume.

3. Suimin

Instant Noodles In Australia
Source: Addthis.com.au

If you are seeking instant noodles in Australia with Asian flavors taste, Suimin could be the greatest choice. Suimin is available in two kinds of packaging. Plastic packaging means cooking in boiling style. Meanwhile, the cup only needs to pour hot water to taste it. The flavors you can taste are Singapore Chili Crabs, Beef Massaman, Tomyum, Seafood Laksa, Thai Green Curry, and many more.


Instant Noodles In Australia
Source: Aldi.co.uk

ALDI includes one of the instant noodles brands which is quite famous in Australia. This noodle brand comes from China. Some flavors you can choose to cooked are chicken, curry, and BBQ beef. The cup packs are also available in Asian-inspired flavors of Singapore curry and Thai sweet chili.

5. Nongshim

Instant Noodles In Australia
Source: Woolworths.com.au

Nongshim shin ramyun become the top-selling ramyun variant that spread around the world including Australia. It was first made in Korea around 1986. The famous ones are the original flavor and the black series. The flavor tends to be spicy with the authentic Korean typical flavor. To make it tastier, add the toppings such as beef, mushroom, scallion, and egg.


6. Trident

Instant Noodles In Australia
Source: Thewarehouse.co.nz

Trident become one of the best instant noodles in Australia which consist of authentic Asian flavor. It has some types of instant noodles which consist of the wet noodles variant, snacking rice noodles, Thai noodles soup, and snacking wheat noodles. The famous one is the hot and spicy flavor. This brand is also available in organic series made from black beans and edamame for your healthy diet.

7. Coles

Instant Noodles In Australia
Source: Ebay.com.au

Another best instant noodle in Australia is Coles. It is known for its chicken flavor. It is such a perfect noodle for those who want to start a healthy life due to no MSG content in it. In terms of serving, it only takes 2 minutes to cook for you to taste how delicate it is.

As a result, among all the best instant noodles in Australia, you can choose the ones to taste. Even though instant noodle tastes delicate, it lacks nutrition so it’s kinda bad as regular consumption. Have some toppings such as veggies and protein to improve the flavor and make it healthier.

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