Asian style omelette: 10 Most Famous From the Simplest and Lavish One

Asian style omelette:  10 Most Famous From the Simplest and Lavish One Source: Pinterest

We all agree that eggs are a must-have item in the kitchen. Not only because when we are in a hurry, we can make a simple dish from eggs like Asian style omelette but many recipes need eggs on it. Let’s say when we want to make a cake, bread or as a compliment for noodles.

Talk about an omelette, what is your omelette style? You just let it be plain with a pinch of salt or mix it with other ingredients like onions, beef, veggies, or even an oyster.

Now, we want to inspire you with Asian style omelette with various stuffing and styles. Ready to know more?

1. Omelet, the simplest dish full of nutrition

Egg is a cheap animal protein that is easy to get. Not only from chicken but we can also consume duck eggs and some kind of bird’s eggs. For chicken eggs we can choose free-range chicken or poultry chicken.

An egg has much nutrition. According to, an egg has 7% of vitamin A, 9% vitamin B5, 9% phosphor, 15 % vitamin B2 and 22 % selenium. Every piece of an egg contains 6,3 gr proteins and 78 calories.

That goodness comes from one piece of egg. Whereas, to make an omelette sometime we need more than an egg (at least two or three eggs).

Cited from SehatQ, if an egg has 78 calories, butter or oil has 50 calories, it means for an omelette with an egg you can get 128 calories. This data also shows that an omelette is more than a simple dish, it’s also good for maintaining body weight.

When you eat an omelette with 128 calories, it can keep you full longer. So, you are not craving for another meal.

2. 10 most famous Asian style omelette

Just like another cuisine, omelette also has a long history. Once said, omelette came from a Romans who cooked egg with honey and they called it ovemele. Another source said omelet is from France. In French “Oeuf” means egg and “laite” means milk.

On 18TH century, when Napoleon Bonaparte crossed South France, he ate a local cuisine known as an omelette. Napoleon fell in love with it  and kept order the same menu for his warriors.

Now, omelette is known worldwide. No wonder, every country has its own omelet recipe. We will take you to the Asian style omelet.

1. Egg fo young (Chinese style omlete)

Egg fo young - Asian style omlette
Source: Pinterest

This is Chinese-style omelette stuffed with veggies and animal protein sources like prawns, shrimp, crab’s meat or chicken. This Asian style omelette is served with a special Chinese sauce. Different from American or European, this Chinese-style omlette is not a breakfast menu. It served as a dinner menu with a big portion. So, you can enjoy it with the whole family. But, if you want to enjoy it alone, you can also cook this Chinese-style omelet for a small portion. Egg fo young is served with rice.

2. Indian masala omelette

Indian masala omelette - Asian style omelette
Source: Pinterest


India is well-known for its spices and herbs. These two key ingredients also include in omelette recipe. If you are searching for this Asian style omelet recipe, you will find various herbs and spices that used as the seasoning.

But, most of all use turmeric powder. For the rest, you can use any kind of spices or herbs that you have in your kitchen. Don’t forget to add cheese as stuffing!

3. Telur dadar ala Padang

Telur dadar padang - Asian style omeletee
Source: Pinterest

Padang, one of the city in West Sumatera Indonesia that is known for their authentic cuisine. The world famous is rendang. But, actually not only rendang the superstar of Padang restaurant, there are also telur dadang ala Padang.

This Asian style omelette is a perfect choice when you are running out of money but still want to eat nutritious yet delicious food. The unique point of this omelette is its thickness. Because they use flour inside the egg paste. Telur dadar ala Padang is served with sambal, Padang style veggies and dressing.

4. Khai Jo (Thai style omelette)

Khai Jo - Asian style omelette
Source: Pinterest

If you are visiting Thailand, you can easily find this Asian style omelette. This omelette usually cost less a dollar with rice! But, you don’t need to go far away to Thailand to enjoy Khai Jo. It’s a regular omelette but for Khai Jo, we need to add fish sauce or you can use soy sauce.

For stuffing, you can choose prawn or shrimp or just a pure egg.

5. Tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelette)

Tamagoyaki - Asian style omelette
Source: Pinterest

This menu is always appear in Japanese comic. Usually as lunch box side dish. Tamago in Japanese means egg. Tamagoyaki is Asian style omelette that has a rolled style. To make this omelette rolled, we must use a square pan. So, after the egg paste spreads in a pan, we can easily roll it. After rolled, Tamagoyaki is cut into many pieces. So this menu is perfectly fit for school lunch box. So, you can enjoy this omelet in a hap.

6. Omurice (Japanese omelette rice)

Omurice - Asian style omelette
Source: Pinterest

Different from Tamagoyaki, Omurice is not rolled. It’s just a regular-shaped omelette. Because the egg is used for covering Japanese fried rice. So this is a fusion menu between an omelet from the west and an authentic Japanese fried rice. After the omlete is covered rice, you must add ketchup as a topping for the omelettee.

7. Oyster omelette.

Oyster omelette - Asian style omelette
Source: Pinterest

Oyster is a lavish menu that usually cooked with minimal ingredients. But, Chinese has an unique cuisine that make an oyster meet an egg. The challenge of making this dish is how to get rid off putrid taste from the oyster, because egg has it  too when you don’t cooked it well.

This Asian style omelette uses flour like telur dadang ala Padang. So, it has a thick texture to fit oyster size and texture. Oyster omelet usually served with sweet chili sauce.

8. Tortang talong (Filipino agg plant omelette)

Tortang talong - Asian style omelette
Source: Pinterest

This Asian style omelette is Tiktok FYP on 2022 and re-cooked by enormous cooking or culinary influencer. Tortang talong is basically an egg and eggplant.

Filipino usually enjoy this dish during lunch with a bowl of warm rice. The art of making this dish is cutting eggplant into an octopus shape and then dip it into an egg paste and fried it together.

For those who loves spice, you can add chilil paste or chilli pieces into the egg paste.

9. Chinese traditional omelette

Chinese traditional omelette - asian style omelette
Source: Pinterest

This Asian style omelet is different than egg fo young. The omelet jus like a regular omelet but the different is the omelet is served with vegetables. Not as a stuffing but as a side dish. Just like omurice, the omelet covered the vegetables. You can choose any vegetables. And you can add a rice noodle too.

10. Trung Chien (Viatnamese omelette)

Trung chan - Asian style omelette
Source: Pinterest


The original style of trung chien is has glass noodle and dried wood ear mushroom. it’s use fish sauce. So, this Asian style omelet has an umami flavor. Or you can modify the stuff with another vegetables or meat.

All this Asian style omelet is basically an omelet but with various stuff. You can choose your own stuff. The herbs, the spice, the veggies, the meats or anything leftover you can find in your kitchen. You can create the lavish one or the basic one.

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