7 Best Indonesian Healthy Foods!

7 Best Indonesian Healthy Foods!

Not many people know about Indonesian healthy foods.

Indonesian foods are known for their rich taste and deep flavor. The food contains of a mixture various kinds of spices which can make your tongue dance all the time.

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Even though it is flavorful some Indonesian food consists of healthy ingredients that are safe to consume regularly.

Here are the 7 best recommendations for Indonesian healthy foods as your option to start your healthy diet.

1. Gado-Gado Salad

Indonesian Healthy Foods
Source: Funkyfoodbyniki.nl

Gado-Gado Salad known as Indonesian traditional salad comes from the Betawi race.

This food mostly contains steamed veggies or even raw accompany by boiled eggs, lontong, tofu, and tempeh along with peanut sauce as the dressing.

To plate this dish, you just have to serve steamed veggies such as cabbage, spinach, green beans, beans sprout, potatoes, raw cucumber, tomatoes, also lettuce. Put the fried ingredients and the boiled egg on top. Pour the peanut sauce as closure.

It includes one of the best healthy Indonesian foods due to the ingredients which contain various veggies and high protein from the egg balancing with the tastiest peanut sauce flooding into your plate.

2. Sayur Asem

Indonesian Healthy Foods
Source: Indochili.com

Sayur Asem belongs to an Indonesian soup family from Sundanese. It is called “Asem” because the dominant taste of this dish is sour which comes from tamarind.

For the contains itself, Sayur Asem is commonly made from young jackfruit, peanuts, melinjo, long beans, bilimbi, and chayote. Even though it’s a tamarind-based soup, the taste is not fully sour but also a bit salty, sweet, and sometimes spicy.

It is such a perfect soup to taste with rice and fried fish.

Sayur Asem become the best healthy food because it is believed can help to lower your blood sugar level.

3. Sop Ikan

Indonesian Healthy Foods
Source: Cookpad.com

Indonesia is home to 8.500 fish species which allows the citizen to make various delicate cuisine from it.

One of the fish-based menus is Sop Ikan. When it comes to the Sop Ikan, Indonesia has numerous recipes for you to try at home.

Some of the recipe names you can Google are Sop Ikan Kerapu, Sop Kakap Merah, Sop Asam Ikan Barakuda, and many more.

It is such a great dish to consume regularly due to the rich protein contains that make Sop Ikan become one of the best Indonesian healthy food.

4. Sandwich

Indonesian Healthy Foods
Source: Feelgoodfoodie.net

Sandwich is grab-and-go food you can taste easily.

Even if sandwiches are known as junk food families, you still can put some effort to make them a healthy delicate dish to consume.

To make a healthy sandwich, you can load it with fruits or veggies and add a good protein source.

Choose the ingredients that are easily found in Indonesian grocery stores such as avocadoes, watermelons, apples, and pears for the fruits. Meanwhile, for the veggies, you can place mushrooms, spinach, and onions.

A healthy sandwich is the best food to taste at your lunchtime.

5. Telur Dadar (Omellete)

Indonesian Healthy Foods
Source: Money.id

The egg is a versatile ingredient you can cook in various kinds of dishes. Telur Dadar is includes.

In Indonesia, some people won’t let the Omellete plainly serve, they commonly use additional ingredients such as spring onion, red peppers, and onions to improve the taste.

Talk about healthiness, Telur Dadar contains high proteins that can help to increase metabolism.

That’s why Telur Dadar deserves to place among the best healthy Indonesian food to consume.

6. Pepes Ikan

Indonesian Healthy Foods
Source: Resepmamiku.com

Pepes Ikan is basically made from fresh fish with spices wrapped in banana leaves and grilled on hot charcoal.

This cooking technique makes the dish beautifully taste through the additional complex aroma of burnt banana leaves.

Ikan Mas become the most popular Pepes Ikan you can taste. If you planning to recook this menu, make sure you eat along with steamed rice.

The best of this menu besides its taste is the contains which help to fulfill your daily nutrients.

7. Cap cay

Source: food.detik.com

Another best Indonesian healthy food belongs to Cap Cay. This mixed stir-fried veggies menu comes from the Fujian dish.

Nowadays, you can find the Cap Cay with various toppings such as chicken, seafood, meatball, and so on.

However, Cap Cay can be a delicate dish for vegetarians too with no topping added on.

It also contains various nutrients your body needs in daily intake.

As a result, instead of imagining the flavor only, it’s better for you to find the menu and recook it right away. Have a great cooking time!

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