10 Indonesian Tea That not Just Yummy But Healthy!

10 Indonesian Tea That not Just Yummy But Healthy! Source: Pinterest

Many regions in Indonesia are the highland where tea plantations are located. West Java, Central Java, and Sumatera are the regions with the largest tea producer.

The quality of Indonesian tea is undoubted.  Even the Royal Family from Europe is the loyal customer of Indonesian tea. Even though tea is a less popular commodity in Indonesia than a coffee.  The fact is Indonesian seems can’t live without drinking tea.

According to kuoni.co.uk, Indonesian consume tea just like mineral water. They often enjoy unsweetened black tea with a snack or sweet one while consuming the main course.

There is also a tea-in-a-bottle or packaged tea that usually been brought during traveling. Not just that, many Indonesian also love consuming tea with a fusion style, like mixing tea with milk, lemon, ginger or lemongrass.

Indonesian tea as the top 10 world-famous tea

The Indonesian love for tea is the same as the world’s loves for Indonesian tea. Data from Katadata, shows that in 2020 Indonesian tea is on the eight ranks from top 10 countries with the biggest tea production in the world.

Badan Pusat Statistik also notes Rusia is the country with highest importer tea from Indonesia. Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Deutschland and Uni Emirat Arab (UEA) is other countries that are also in love with Indonesian tea.

What makes the world love Indonesian tea? Is because tea from Indonesia has the highest anti-oxidant. Indonesian tea has 13% anti-oxidant, while common tea has 6-10% anti-oxidant.

The benefits of consuming tea

The anti-oxidant inside the tea has various benefits for our body. One of them is preventing cancer. But not only the famous anti-oxidant that is good for our body, tea also has others benefit

Increasing Focus

Just like coffee, tea also has caffeine that is worth increasing focus. Caffeine works through our blood, stimulating nerve system so that blood circulation to the brain runs smoothly.

Controlling Weigh

Not only good for our focus, caffeine in tea also increase the energy for calories burned. Tea also has catechins inside. According to kompas.com , catechins helps increasing metabolism which has function to split fat faster.

Good for blood pressure and the digestive system.

Tea also contains polyphenols which a good compound for maintaining our blood pressure. It means the tea is good for preventing heart disease and high blood pressure. Polyphenols also maintain a good microbe inside our digestive system, which means tea prevents us from digestive problem

To achieve those advantages of tea, an expert suggest we can consume tea 3-5 cups a day. But don’t forget to balance your lifestyle too. You still need to do exercise  regularly, eat well-processed food from the best source and sleep well.

Top 10 Indonesian Tea

After we know, why the Indonesian even the world loves Indonesian tea and also the benefits of tea, here we summarize the 10 Indonesian tea that are not just yummy but healthy. We split it into two categories, the original tea (the tea that comes from a tea plant) and the modified tea (still a tea but with a little twist)

 1. Black tea

Black Tea - Indonesian tea
Source: Pinterest

This most common tea from Indonesian tea that is loved not only by Indonesian also the foreign country.

PT Perkebunan Nusantara (one of the Indonesia state-owned enterprises) notes that black tea is the highest tea exported variant. Black tea is produced with a fermentation process without using a microbe but phenolase enzyme. To achieve good quality, the whole production process takes more than a day.

When its brewed, black tea changes its color into black-reddish tea with a strong flavor and aroma. Indonesian often consume this tea with or without sugar. This tea also becomes a favorite beverage with a cheap price. You can easily find black tea in a stall or restaurant.

2. Green tea

Green Tea - Indonesian Tea
Source: Pinterest

Indonesian green tea has a different taste from Japanese green tea. Commonly, Indonesian tea has a bitter flavor yet Japanese has a slightly sweet taste.

In Indonesia, the green tea leaf is produced from Asamika variant which other country like Japan used sinensis variant.

Asamika variant has the highest polyphenol than other variants, that’s why Indonesian tea has a bitter taste.

3. White tea or silver needle tea

White Tea - Indonesian Tea
Source: Pinterest

This is the most expensive Indonesian tea variant, the price is one to two million rupiahs per kilos. What makes white tea is pricey is the minimum process.

If the other tea variants need four to five steps process, white tea is dried directly after being harvested.  This makes white tea rich in fluoride and flavonoid.

The antioxidant inside white tea are even hundred times higher than vitamin C and twenty times more effective than vitamin E. White tea is often consumed as a healthy-tea.

4. Kayu Aro tea

Kayu Aro Tea - Indonesian Tea
Source: Pinterest

Kayu Aro is the name of district near Kerinci Mountain Jambi Indonesia. There are tea plantations there that produced a black tea with a premium grade (orthodox tea).

Kayu Aro tea also has an authentic taste and aroma that makes the Royal Family from Europe and Deutschland love this Indonesian tea.

The Queen of England and Deutschland is the loyal customer of this tea variant.

5. Oolong tea

Oolong Tea - Indonesian Tea
Source: Pinterest

This tea is popular in China. Indonesia also produced oolong tea but in a small amount. Oolong tea uses a Camelia Sinensis variety which has a light flavor and aroma.

Oolong tea is also known as a semi-fermentation tea because it’s cut the fermentation process for reaching a good quality.

The modified tea

6.Turmeric tea

Turmeric tea - Indonesian tea
Source: Pinterest

Turmeric is a spice that grows a lot in south-east Indonesia. It has many benefits for our body. The curcuma inside the turmeric is good for the immune system.

Tea also rich in antioxidant which is good for preventing free radical. This mixture makes turmeric tea is a good shot for our body.

Turmeric tea is also good for treating arthritis problems. Because it’s reducing joint pain and inflammation. This tea has a yellow color and creamy taste.

7. Ginger tea

Ginger tea - Indonesian tea
Source: Pinterest

If you are struggling with nausea during your pregnancy, drink a ginger tea. This warm beverage is believed can relief your nauseous.

Ginger tea also becomes a favourite drink during rainy season, because warm our body with a sweet and slight spicy taste. You can combine ginger tea with lemon or honey.

8.Rosella tea

Rosella tea-Indonesian tea
Source: Pinterest

This tea has no tea plants at all. But a Rosella plants only. So, why it’s called tea? First we have to discover a rosella first.

Rosella is a red color flower that has a taste like a cranberry. This flower grows in tropical and subtropical countries like Africa and Southeast Asia.

To enjoy rosella, we need to dry it first and brewed it with hot boiled water. The same production process with tea making makes this beverage called a tea.

Rosella tea has a red color with a sweet taste. It can be served hot or cold

9. Butterfly pea tea

indonesian tea : Butterfly Pea Tea
Source: Pinterest


Just like rosella tea, this butterfly-pea tea also has no tea plants inside. Butterfly pea has a unique color like a blue-purple color.

When it’s dried and brewed, the color is not changing. Butterfly pea itself has many advantages for our body. One of them is bioflavanoids

. Bioflavaniods is good for preventing hair loss and grey hair. Butterfly-pea also can prevent diarrhea. To enjoy butterfly pea tea, you can add honey or stevia.

10. Talua tea (egg yolk tea)

Teh Talua - Indonesian Tea
Source: merdeka.com

This tea is an authentic beverage from West Sumatera Indonesia. You can easily find talua tea there.

This tea only uses an egg yolk so make sure to separate the white and the yolk before making it. Egg yolk makes talua has a putrid smell and flavor, therefore it served with a lime.

Talua tea is good for stamina so is known as a natural energy drink. People often consumed it before start work or after work to return the energy.

So, which Indonesian tea that you choose as your afternoon tea?


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