8 Best Vietnamese Fish Sauces

8 Best Vietnamese Fish Sauces

Vietnamese cuisine is always close to the fresh herbs, soy sauce, and fish sauce in almost every recipe. Therefore, Vietnam is rich kinds of those ingredients you can choose for your cook. When it comes to Vietnamese fish sauce, this country has various brands and each of them has a specific flavor to add to the cuisine. Here are the explanations of the 8 best Vietnamese fish sauces that might help you in picking them.

1. Khai Hoan Fish Sauce

Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Source: Citypassguide.com

Khai Hoan fish sauce is one of the best Vietnamese sauces made from anchovies. It slowly ferments in the huge wooden tank for months until gains a clear liquid. The making process is also through filtering and then bottling which is the final jar as you can see in the picture. This product is healthy yet still flavorful due to the ingredients which only consist of anchovies and salt without any other condiment to improve the taste. In a serving, fish sauce is commonly used as the dipping sauce with the addition of lime, sugar, garlic, chili, and water.

2. Lien Thanh Fish Sauce

Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Source: Hongphatfood.com

Lien Thanh fish sauce is a Vietnamese fish sauce made from several ingredients consisting of extracted anchovies, fish sauce, salt, water, and red yeast rice. This fish sauce involves a complex flavor combination of sweet, sour, and fishy tastes making your main dish taste amazing. Besides the dipping sauce, Lie Thanh also commonly becomes the mixture in cooking with fish, veggies, meat, and more. No wonder it becomes one of the best fish sauces.

3. Hai Non Ca Na Fish Sauce

Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Source: Nuocmamtin.com

Hai Non Ca Na is purely made from anchovies. This is the reason the product become one of the best Vietnamese fish sauces. The flavor of fresh anchovies creates a specific flavor to improve the taste of your dish. It is also a classic brand that has been through more than 100 years of development. What a massive.

4. Ba Lang Fish Sauce

Vietnamese fish sauce
Source: Nuocmamtin.com

Balang fish sauce was made from fresh fish in small and medium sizes. This kind of fish sauce was made from scratch traditionally. The method makes Balng fish sauce has a typical flavor delivering to the customer to create a special dish. Anchovies fish sauce is a famous brand from Ba Lang. It is made from marinated anchovies which keep in wooden crates for 2 years. It’s a sign why this product become the best Vietnamese fish sauce. The taste of premium quality cannot lie.

5. 584 Nha Trang Fish Sauce

Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Source: Hongphatfood.com

Another best Vietnamese fish sauce product is 584 Nha Trang. The ingredients consist of 79% anchovies with the addition of salt, sweeteners, and also flavor enhancers. Increase your cooking flavor with the addition of 584 Nha Trang. The product suit really well to marinate your ingredients before jumping to the cooking process. You can also use 584 Nha Trang as the dipping sauce for your Banh Mi burger, Vietnamese rice noodle salad, and so on.

6. Chin Tuy Fish Sauce

Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Source: Way.com.vn

Chin Tuy fish sauce belongs to a classic brand from Nha Trang city which establishes in the 80s. The factory is also famous for dried squid and anchovies production. Brewed anchovies and sea salt for 12 – 15 months resulting in this premium product. Mix your cooking with Chin Tuy sauce and feel the delicate and nutritious taste.

7. Phan Thiet –  Mui Ne Fish Sauce

Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Source: Vietnamdrive.com

If you are looking for one of the best Vietnamese fish sauce products with 100% anchovies contains, Phan Thiet should be on your list. It is also a product that seeks the tourist’s attention to bring home. Phan Thiet factory become a tourist destination where you can see the beautiful coastal sight along with the dried and marinated fish sauce on the wooden crates. The combination of fresh air, sunlight, and the anchovies creates a beautiful taste of the fish sauce that has been trusted for hundred years. No doubt, this is the best of the best product to own.

8. Cat Hai Fish Sauce

Vietnamese Fish Sauce
Source: Discover-halong.com

Cat Hai becomes one of the best Vietnamese fish sauces with the top ingredients which consist of anchovies, squids, and sea salt in a mixture. This brand has been delivered across Vietnam and also exported outside Vietnam, mostly in Asia and Eastern Europe. The traditional production method gently processes the ingredients and resulting in the highest grade and taste of the fish sauce.

As a result, fish sauce is the star of the Vietnamese dish which suits to add to any type of ingredients such as veggies, meats, fish, beans, and so on. The fish sauce also goes well as the dipping sauce called nuoc mam which consists of the fish sauce mixed with lemon juice, garlic, water, and sugar. All of the brands above are the best Vietnamese fish sauce, so you can choose one of these brands without doubting the quality.

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