8 Most Famous Indonesian Noodles You Should Try!

8 Most Famous Indonesian Noodles You Should Try!

Diverse Indonesian noodles are indeed part of the culinary tradition in this country. Noodle belongs to a common food in Indonesia. Start from fried until the soup noodles, those all are on the list.

A. The History of Indonesian Noodles

As history states, Indonesian noodle was invented in the Majapahit era. The existence of Indonesian noodle dishes also came up from Chinese culture. Some Indonesian noodles were even native Chinese influences such as bakmi, kwetiau, and even mie ayam. Time by time the noodle dish started becoming the Indonesian typical food that is found everywhere in this country.

B. Types of Indonesian Noodles

Indonesian noodles are divided into some varieties based on the ingredient, looks, and flavors. The common types based on color are only white and yellow. However, some noodle makes infused the veggies’ color so sometimes it can be green and even purple. Let’s talk about the noodle based on the ingredients!

Egg Noodle

If you ask the most common noodle in Indonesia, then this one is the answer. As its name, the egg noodle was derived from egg and wheat flour only. The noodle is great for cooking with soup or just stir-fried.


Bihun was invented in China. The name came from the combination of rice and flour. It’s right! this type of noodle use rice flour as the main ingredient. Bihun commonly becomes the side dish of Bakso.


When seeing the looks, this Indonesian noodle is closely similar to the Bihun. However, the base ingredient is quite different. Sohun is commonly made from tapioca starch which caused it more transparent than Bihun. Stir fry this noodle with veggies and meat would be great.


The Kwetiau dish actually comes from the types of its noodle. It’s white and flattering. The size is quite bigger than any common noodle. Due to the ingredient which comes from rice flour, the texture is chewy. Indonesian would combine this noodle with egg and veggies as the base, then use the meat or seafood for the toppings.


Misoa also belongs to the white noodle family. This one is a bit more unpopular than the others. The soft texture that came from the wheat flour made this dish somehow become favorable. It’s good to combine with salad or even fritter.

Starch noodle

This noodle is quite famous in East Indonesia. Some places even make this noodle and the main ingredient which is starch to become the staple food. The starch noodle with shrimp and veggies create the perfect combo.

C. Indonesian Noodle Dishes

1. Chicken Noodles

Indonesian Noodle Dishes
Source: Antarejatour.com

Chicken noodles become part of Indonesian noodle dishes which are quite familiar as street food. It’s spread everywhere around the country. The condiments are noodles, veggies, chicken, and soup. The egg noodle commonly becomes the seller’s choice due to the texture and taste which is suited well with other condiments. Some sellers even elevate the flavor to be more Indonesian. Nowadays, the Rendang flavor in chicken noodles is quite familiar among noodle enthusiasts.

2. Bakmie

Indonesian Noodle Dishes

Bakmi was popular since the Tiongkok started entering the cuisine culture. The thing that makes this Indonesian noodle dish different from others is the making process. Bakmi and the soup cook and serve not in a bowl. Basically, when you order a Bakmi, you will have a bowl of noodles and a bowl of soup. The typical characteristic is served with green veggies and chicken as the toppers.

3. Mie Celor

Indonesian Noodle Dishes
Source: Food.detik.com

Mie Celor is a native Indonesian noodle dish that comes from Palembang, South Sumatra. The mixture of egg noodles with rich coconut milk-based soup totally spot on. Combine with the umami from the shrimp and creaminess from the egg turning a flavor combination you can’t forget. Mie Celor also goes well with the addition such as sambal, fried onion, and spring onion cutouts on the top.

4. Mie Kocok

Indonesian Noodle Dishes
Source: Pinterest.com

Mie Kocok belongs to the Indonesian noodle dish that is famous in Bandung, West Java. The specific difference from other noodles is using cow tendons and meatballs as the fillings. The soup is deep in flavor derived from the broth. Other condiments such as bean sprouts, lime, celery, and spring onion bring freshness to the dish. The final toppers of fried onion balance Mie Kocok to be more flavorful.

5. Mie Ongklok

Indonesian Noodle Dishes
Source: Pinterest.com

Mie Ongklok is a part of the Indonesian noodle dish specifically from Wonosobo, Central Java. The name Ongklok was derived from the boiling tool made from bamboo. Mie Ongklok itself uses the yellow noodle family as the main ingredient. Other fresh condiments that add to the dish are garlic chieves and cabbage. The thick soup base comes from the addition of tapioca flour. This noodle is matching well with meat satay, tempeh kemul, and tofu chips.

6. Kwetiau

Indonesian Noodle Dishes
Source: Myrecipemagic.com

This Chinese cultural cuisine is quite famous in Indonesia and even become the one menu you can find everywhere with Nasi Goreng. As for the looks, Kwetiau uses wide flattered noodles which is very typical among the other ones. It’s great to cook stir-fried with greens and shredded chicken as the toppers. Time by time, the seller starts to elevate this dish with various toppings such as seafood and meat.

7. Mie Titi

Indonesian Noodle Dishes
Source: Pinterest.com

You can call this an exceptional Indonesian noodle dish. Indeed because Mie Titi is actually a dry noodle dish due to the frying process. After getting crisp, this Makassar noodle pours with the thick sauce along with the dice cuts of chicken. Other toppings are also available such as meatballs, shrimp, calamari, mushroom, and veggies.

8. Mie Aceh

Indonesian Noodle Dishes
Source: Resepkoki.id

As the name, this Indonesian noodle dish came from Aceh. It’s a spicy noodle load with various toppings which serves dry and wet. The typical noodle for this dish is commonly the thick and yellow one. In a serving, it’s good to alongside meat, lamb, and seafood as the toppers. Indonesian pickle as the addition gives the dish a refreshing feel once you scoop the noodles with this.

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