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Rocky Road Slice is a popular dessert that is made with a combination of chocolate, marshmallows, nuts, and sometimes other add-ins like dried fruit or biscuit pieces. The base of the slice is usually made with melted chocolate and butter, which is then mixed with the other ingredients and allowed to set in a fridge or freezer.

To make rocky road slice, the chocolate and butter are melted together and mixed with a combination of marshmallows and nuts. The mixture is then poured into a lined baking dish and allowed to set in the fridge or freezer. Once set, the rocky road slice can be sliced into individual servings and enjoyed as a sweet and indulgent treat.

There are many variations of rocky road slice, including those that incorporate different types of chocolate, nuts, or even candy pieces. Some recipes also call for the addition of peanut butter or other spreads to the chocolate mixture for added flavor and richness. Rocky road slice is a versatile dessert that is perfect for sharing with friends and family, or enjoying as a sweet treat on your own.



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