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No bake Biscoff cheesecake is a dessert that is made with a combination of Biscoff cookies, cream cheese, whipped cream, and other ingredients. The crust of the cheesecake is made by crushing Biscoff cookies and mixing them with melted butter. The filling is made by mixing cream cheese, sugar, vanilla extract, and Biscoff spread together, and then folding in whipped cream.

The mixture is then poured over the crust and chilled until firm. The cheesecake is typically garnished with additional Biscoff cookies or a drizzle of Biscoff spread before serving. The dessert has a rich, creamy texture and a sweet, spicy flavor that is characteristic of Biscoff cookies. It is a popular dessert for those who love the taste of Biscoff cookies or are looking for an easy no-bake dessert option.

Ingredients For The Biscuit Base

Steps For Base

Ingredients For The Cheesecake Filling


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