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Choc Chip Pancakes are a delicious breakfast treat that combines fluffy pancakes with sweet chocolate chips. The batter is made with typical pancake ingredients like flour, baking powder, sugar, eggs, and milk, but with the addition of chocolate chips for extra flavor and texture.

To make choc chip pancakes, the dry ingredients are combined in one bowl, the wet ingredients in another, and then the wet ingredients are added to the dry and mixed until just combined. Chocolate chips are then folded in, and the batter is spooned onto a hot griddle or pan and cooked until golden brown on each side.

Choc chip pancakes can be served with a variety of toppings such as whipped cream, maple syrup, fresh fruit, or more chocolate chips. They are a great way to indulge in something sweet for breakfast or brunch, and can even be made ahead of time and reheated in the toaster or microwave for a quick and easy breakfast on busy mornings.



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