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Kaak El Khamis, also known as “Thursday Bread” in English, is a traditional Middle Eastern pastry or bread that is particularly popular in Lebanon and other countries in the region. It’s named “Thursday Bread” because it is often baked and enjoyed on Thursdays, although it can be found and enjoyed on other days of the week as well.

Kaak El Khamis is characterized by its ring-shaped design and its slightly sweet and sesame-flavored taste. The dough is typically made from simple ingredients such as flour, water, yeast, sugar, and oil. After the dough is prepared, it’s shaped into rings and often coated with a mixture of sesame seeds and sometimes anise seeds, which adds to its distinctive flavor and texture.

The pastry is then baked until it develops a golden-brown color, creating a crunchy exterior while maintaining a soft and airy interior. It can vary in size and thickness, and its flavor can range from mildly sweet to more savory, depending on the recipe and regional variations.

Kaak El Khamis is often enjoyed as a snack or breakfast food, and it’s sometimes served with labneh (strained yogurt), olives, or other accompaniments. It’s deeply rooted in Middle Eastern culinary traditions and holds cultural significance as a beloved baked good that has been enjoyed for generations.



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