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Dal with Garlic and Curry Leaves is a savory and aromatic lentil dish that combines the creamy richness of lentils with the bold flavors of garlic and the fragrant essence of curry leaves.

The preparation begins by cooking lentils until they’re soft and creamy. Various lentils like red lentils (masoor dal), split yellow lentils (toor/arhar dal), or even moong dal can be used.

In a separate pan, a flavorful tempering is prepared. This usually involves heating ghee or oil and adding aromatic spices like mustard seeds, cumin seeds, dried red chilies, and, most importantly, plenty of fresh garlic and curry leaves. The garlic is sliced or minced, releasing its rich aroma, while the curry leaves impart a distinct, earthy flavor.

Once the tempering is aromatic and the garlic turns golden, it’s combined with the cooked lentils, infusing them with the robust flavors of garlic and curry leaves.

The final dish is a flavorful, aromatic dal with the earthy, garlicky taste complemented by the delightful herbal notes of the curry leaves. This dish can be served as a hearty accompaniment to rice or enjoyed with Indian bread like chapati or naan. The blend of textures and rich flavors makes it a satisfying and aromatic addition to any meal.



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