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Shokoladnaya Kolbasa, also known as Chocolate Sausage or Chocolate Salami, is a traditional Russian dessert that looks like a sausage but is made with chocolate, cookies, and nuts instead of meat.

To make Shokoladnaya Kolbasa, crumbled cookies (usually tea biscuits) are mixed with melted chocolate and butter to form a dough-like mixture. Chopped nuts (usually walnuts) and sometimes raisins or other dried fruit are then added to the mixture. The mixture is then formed into a sausage shape and rolled in powdered sugar, which gives it a salami-like appearance. The sausage is then chilled in the refrigerator until firm.

When sliced, Shokoladnaya Kolbasa reveals a marbled pattern of chocolate and cookie crumbs, and has a crunchy texture with a rich chocolate flavor. It is often served as a dessert or snack with coffee or tea.

Shokoladnaya Kolbasa Ingredients


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