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Pandan Sago Gula Melaka is a popular dessert that originated from Southeast Asia, particularly from Malaysia and Singapore. It is a sweet and creamy dessert made from pandan-flavored sago pearls, coconut milk, and palm sugar.

To make pandan sago gula melaka, sago pearls are cooked in boiling water until they become translucent and tender. The cooked sago pearls are then mixed with thick and creamy coconut milk, which gives the dessert a rich and velvety texture. The pandan leaves are added to the mixture to infuse the dessert with a fragrant and earthy flavor.

To complete the dessert, a generous amount of gula melaka or palm sugar syrup is drizzled on top. The syrup adds a caramel-like sweetness to the dessert and balances the pandan and coconut flavors.

Pandan sago gula melaka is usually served chilled, making it a refreshing dessert to enjoy on a hot day. It is commonly found in Southeast Asian restaurants and is also easy to make at home with a few simple ingredients.

Pandan Sago Pudding ingredients

Gula Melaka Syrup

Coconut Cream Sauce


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