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Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated for nine days in India, dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga and her various forms. During this festival, people follow a specific diet and abstain from consuming meat, eggs, and alcohol.

Some of the popular dishes made during Navratri include:

  1. Sabudana Khichdi: A popular breakfast dish made with soaked sago pearls, peanuts, and potatoes.
  2. Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa: Samosas made with water chestnut flour and filled with spiced potatoes and peas.
  3. Kuttu ki Roti: A gluten-free flatbread made with buckwheat flour and served with aloo ki sabzi (potato curry).
  4. Lauki ki Sabzi: A simple and healthy dish made with bottle gourd, tomatoes, and spices.
  5. Paneer Kofta: A popular dish made with paneer (cottage cheese) and mashed potato balls, served in a rich and creamy tomato-based gravy.
  6. Rajgira Halwa: A sweet dish made with amaranth flour, ghee, and jaggery.
  7. Vrat ke Chawal: Rice cooked with cumin seeds, ghee, and salt, and served with curd or raita.

These dishes are not only delicious but also adhere to the dietary restrictions during Navratri, making them perfect for the festive season.

Navratri Ingredients


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